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UK and London.

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1 UK and London

2 The UK is made up by four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

3 The Union Flag(Union Jack) is composed of the union of three flags: - St. George’s Cross - St. Andrew’s Cross - St. Patrick’s Cross

4 ENGLAND It is the largest country of the UK. It borders with Scotland and Wales. The capital is London. The Head of State is Queen Elizabeth II who is also the Head of Commonwealth

5 SCOTLAND The capital is Edinburgh but the largest city is Glasgow. Bagpipes, kilts (where they put the whisky), Medieval castles and Loch Ness Lake are typical of Scotland.

6 WALES It is situated in south-west of the UK. The capital is Cardiff. Wales main languages are Welsh and English. The largest religion is Christianity. The national flag is the red dragon.

7 NORTHERN IRELAND It is part of UK but it is not situated on the island of the Great Britain. The capital and the largest country is Belfast. It is an independent country. .


9 London is the capital of England and of the UK
London is the capital of England and of the UK. It is the largest metropolis in Europe with a population of 14 million pepole. The most famous tourist attractions are:

10 Big Ben. It isn’t the clock on the tower but the bell inside it

11 Houses of Parliament. It is where the two Houses of the Parliament( Houses of Commons and Lords) meet for political purposes

12 Buckingham Palace. It is the official home of the British Monarch in London, where there are also the famous Queen’s Royal guards.

13 Hyde Park. It is the most famous park, where the Serpentine is.

14 London Eye It was built in 1999 and is a giant wheel,where you can see London

15 Madame Tussaud’s In the waxworks museum there are wax statues of famous people

16 Tower of London It is a historic tower in the centre of London
Tower of London It is a historic tower in the centre of London.It is 900 years old

17 British Museum It contains Egyptian collections of mummified skeletons


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